Daina Crowell


Am I the right therapist for you? 

If I am doing my job right, you should know within the first session if I am a good fit for you. A great fit means better success for you in your therapy journey. With that said, you should know that I like a good laugh once in a while. Doing hard work doesn’t always have to be heavy. Some days will be harder than others, but I will be in the trenches with you. I am committed to helping you reach your goals and full potential. 

Why am I a therapist?

I am a people person, people fascinate me. I know you are so much more than what others think about you and even more than you may think about yourself. I will always listen from a place of curiosity, rather than a place of judgement. I have attended therapy on my own, along with couples therapy, and I am a believer in this powerful work. It is true that therapy takes skill, but even more so, it is an art. The great thing about this is, we get to make it anything we want. Believe it or not, YOU are the expert in the therapy room. Never will I try to fit you into a “program” that was designed for someone else. Every method used will be for your unique personality, goals, needs, and life-experiences. 

So, who is Daina Crowell anyway? 

I am a lover of learning and creativity. I graduated from Utah State University in Anthropology and History. I love learning about different cultures and have traveled to 24 different countries. As a special education teacher, I gained experience in working with different disorders and creating behavior modification plans. I also learned how much I enjoy helping others reach their potential. When my first child was born, I left teaching to stay home and raise my family. That is where the learning really began for me. I have four children (2 girls and 2 boys), so I am well versed in infants to teenagers. I have been married over 23 years, and couples therapy has been instrumental in our definition of a successful marriage. I am currently attending Capella University and in the last phase to gain my master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. I am an intern at All Things Anxiety, Lifted Therapy, and Connect & Conquer. My mentors are the very best this industry has to offer. In my downtime, you will find me outdoors with my family, doing photography, or silversmithing. 

Where I can help
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Exposure Coaching
  • Marriage & Family Counseling