Lifted Programs

We offer a variety of evidence-based programs, courses, and services to fit your personal needs. Choose from one of our outpatient treatment plans or join one of our additional group courses. 

Outpatient Programs

Hybrid Outpatient Program

This is our most popular program for OCD treatment. This option is for those who need more help than a normal once-a-week therapy session but don’t feel the need for our full comprehensive outpatient program. It provides all the benefits of a full outpatient program but is less time and costs less as well. Click ‘learn more’ to find out what specifics this program provides.
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Comprehensive Outpatient Program

This is the most intensive program that we offer. This program is a commitment of 15 hours a week for individuals who are experiencing extreme distress from OCD or anxiety. Click ‘learn more’ to find out what specifics this program includes.
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Traditional Psychotherapy

Are you just starting out on your mental health journey? Maybe what you need right now it weekly appointments with a professional. We offer everything from therapy to chiropractic care to exposure coaching. Fill out a free consultation form and we will help you get in touch with the right professional.

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