More is a mirage…what exactly does that mean?

Think about this for a minute. A mirage is out in front of you seemingly real and attainable. But as you get closer to it, it moves further ahead. So you keep going to reach it and the same thing happens. Over and over. You never reach it. A mirage is an illusion. It is deceptive. It is never attained. Exactly the way MORE is.

No matter what you could possibly do, there will always be…MORE.

I should do MORE for my kids. I ought to eat MORE fruits and vegetables. I need to spend MORE time exercising. I could serve MORE.

The list goes on and on.

The reality is more…never…ends. And the truth is, as parents, as children, as siblings, as friends, as employees, we…are…enough. Exactly as we are. Exactly as we do. Exactly as we did. We are doing and have done what needed to be done as our heart, mind, energy, time and resources allowed.

Yes, we want to grow, learn from our mistakes and become the next version of ourselves. But our worth as a human being does not change. No matter what we look like, the talents we have, the money we make, or the number of people surrounding us. More friends, more money, more weight loss, more muscle, more likes on Instagram does not make us more valuable.

Let’s lose our focus on more.

And focus on enough.

This is where we will actually find an increase in energy, connection, motivation, patience, and many other desired feelings, behaviors, and results in our lives.

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