Connect & Conquer

Ages: 12-18 yrs

Dates: NEXT CLASS STARTS May 11, 2021

Every Tuesday and Thursday

Time: 4:30-5:30pm

Location: Mtn Ops Gym, Fruit Heights

Cost: $295

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Teens today are dealing with a chaotic world filled with ever-increasing comparisons and expectations. Teens are lonely and fearful.  Wise parents know their teens need tools to empower them emotionally, physically, and mentally with the confidence and grit to tackle the world head-on.

Connect & Conquer is a six-week program that combines mental health and physical fitness. We meet twice a week for 2 one-hour sessions.  Your kids will receive a blend of mental health coaching addressing challenges they are facing, along with a high-intensity interval training program where they will put to test the tools they just learn to overcome obstacles and push through mental barriers. Your kids will feel the difference in their lives and you will see it every day.