Carley Heward, Administrative Director

Carley will be graduating in the spring of 2022 with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Washington State University. Her expertise lies in content creation/graphic design, marketing, and overseeing administrative tasks. She feels lucky to be surrounded by so many amazing health professionals at Lifted Counseling and Wellness. In fact, during her time here, she has become very interested in becoming a mental health counselor herself.

Carley has dealt with her fair share of anxiety and OCD in her life, and one of the most effective ways she has found to cope with it is through connecting with others. When we are going through mental hardships, it’s easy to want to be alone, revert back to our shells, and be closed off from the world. “Believe me, I have been there!”, she says. But through her journey of working through anxiety and OCD she has found that when she prioritizes connecting with people around her, even if it is something simple, she is better able to tackle those inner battles. Carley is a firm believer that we are all made to connect. You are never alone!

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