Our programs are designed to help lift you by connecting the body, mind, and social aspects of your life to conquer your anxiety 


Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety is your body’s natural way of reacting to stress. However, if you find that your anxiety is interrupting your day to day life, it’s time to seek help. We focus on all things anxiety. Whether you struggle with social anxiety, generalized anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, or more, we are here to help.

OCD Treatment

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is one of the main anxiety disorders and can be difficult to overcome on your own. OCD can present itself through intrusive thoughts, ruminations, hoarding, symmetry obsessions, contamination obsessions, and more. We specialize in helping clients regain control over their lives by conquering their OCD. 



Chiropractic practices can help relieve built up tension, muscle stiffness, and even migraines. All of these factors can either result from or lead to increased anxiety. Chiropractic treatments can also increase the health of the nervous system.


Massage practices can help you reach a state of deep relaxation through the release of tension and physical stress. Massages are known to lower cortisol, the stress hormone, which can aid in decreasing anxiety.


Yoga is a physical practice that allows you to connect your body and mind as one. Yoga has many physical benefits like increased flexibility, muscle tension relief, and improved strength. Yoga often has a meditation aspect that can greatly help in anxiety treatment.

IV Nutrition & Therapy

IV Nutrition & Therapy has a wide range of benefits. Each treatment has a very specific combination of nutrients to treat your specific needs. Immunity boost, pain relief, and overall improved health are just a few of the options available.


Group Therapy

Group therapy settings allow you to feel connected and supported by others. Oftentimes it’s easy to feel alone and assume that no one else understands the healing process you are going through. Group therapy provides perspective and a safe space to open up. 

Exposure Coaching

Exposure coaching is an evidence based treatment and one of the most beneficial practices for overcoming social anxiety and phobias. Repeated exposure to fear leads to habituation and decreased anxiety. Being exposed to the root of your anxiety can be intense, but our coaches are trained to help you through each exercise. 

Group Classes

Group Classes are a great place to learn techniques, skills, and practices you can use in your daily life. We offer classes on a variety of different topics surrounding anxiety and OCD treatment. Some classes are geared towards the individuals on their personal healing journey, while other classes are created for their loving support systems. This is a great way to build social connections and supportive relationships. 

Social Events

Lifted sponsors social events in the community. These events range from fitness classes to service projects. These are great opportunities to lift yourself and while lifting others.