Anxiety & OCD Treatment

As a team of dedicated Anxiety and OCD experts we want to empower you to embrace your full potential and lead a fulfilling life. We offer a variety of comprehensive services to fit your specific treatment needs.

Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety is a common mental health condition that can have a significant impact on a person’s daily life. It can manifest in various ways, including excessive worry, fear, and nervousness.

OCD Treatment

OCD can present itself through: intrusive thoughts ruminations, hoarding, symmetry obsessions, contamination obsessions and more.

Depression & Psychotherapy Treatment

While everyone experiences sadness during their lifetime, depression is extreme sadness or despair that lasts more than a few days and affects people in different ways.

Exposure Response Prevention

ERP treatment is key in treating OCD because it gets to the root of core fears. Our therapists work with clients to determine where to start on the fear hierarchy, and engage in exposure routines to help clients confront these scenarios.

Group Meetings

Groups are a great way to broaden your support system as you meet with clinicians and others who either live with OCD or support someone through the process.

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“At Lifted, we use evidence-based techniques and practices to help you overcome anxiety and OCD. Our professionals use exposure-based treatments, which are proven most effective in decreasing anxiety and OCD. We are always seeking out the best and current practices to give our clients the care they deserve.”

-Jeff Gregson, Executive Director